Two young researchers / clinicians, selected by a strict process, will have the opportunity to:

Present a 15 minutes speech at Conference the RISING STARS SESSION WITH AWARDS session scheduled on Thursday, 17th December 2020 from 16.45 to 17.30, in front of the international audience of about 500 specialists.

Receive the personal feedback of the Presidents and Chairmen of the congress who will provide useful advices for the development of the winners’ career as researchers and international congress speakers;

Be hosted by the Conference that will waive registration fee and take in charge the travel and accommodation costs.


Online submission

In order to participate in the selection process, please submit before 21st September 2020.

Submit your work through the website selecting the category « Raising Star » and the topic

Follow the instructions and complete your submission according to the rules

Upload a Full academic curriculum including publications and / or poster presentations made in the past

Compulsory Criteria

The candidate should not have been included in the faculty of a previous international congress. The main selecting criteria will be the relevancy and scientific value of the abstract presented, evaluated by the Organising and Scientific Committee of the conference. The choice will be made at the Committee discretion. In case of equality the following priority criteria will be applied.

 Priority Criteria

Age: Priority to researchers / clinicians under 42;

Provenience: priority to researchers / clinicians working in low–income countries – with limited access to funds


Notifications to submitters will be sent by mid-October 2020.
Please kindly note that if you submit a Raising Star application, if not accepted as a Raising Star, it can still be selected as an oral or poster presentation.