The World Bronchiectasis & NTM Conference’s first edition was organized in the summer of 2016 in Hannover and since then it became a biennial tradition among the small but very committed world community of scientists and experts in the field.

Due to the amount of research and new finding expected in the immediate future, from the last edition in 2022, WBNC is becoming an yearly appointment.

The next edition will be held in New York in July 2023 and its objective is to provide faculty and physicians in training an overview and update on the epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, management, and treatment of non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM), and bronchiectasis.

The “concept” of the Conference is to spread the knowledge in regard to the World Respiratory Medicine, Infectious Diseases and related Specialists, enhance the understanding of the physiopathology, epidemiology and management outcomes and attract attention to the need to share knowledge and especially experience and the demand for further research emerges.

The focus is on the “hot topics” of the moment and the suggestion of the attendees, as this Conference series is a place to get updates, acquire new knowledge, learn new approaches and discover new insights to be immediately applicable in daily clinical practice.

The main target is the Specialists in Respiratory Medicines, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine, Microbiologists, Paediatricians and Radiologists, but also other specialists as well as trained nurses and physiotherapists can benefit from the active learning structure of the Conference.

Every personal experience is enriched by the exchange between generations, different cultures, clinical approaches, and various national health systems and some of the valuable relationships that occurred during the conference last over years.

In this international environment, the Conference gives the opportunity to young doctors, researchers, and clinicians to participate in Young Generation initiatives giving them the possibility to expose their research. These programs aim to help the next generation of these specific fields to boost their career and receive personal feedback from the Presidents and Chairmen.

Joining forces, exchanging clinical experiences, sharing data and tools, to enforce the network of active experts in the field are the main goals of the Conference.

Also, the WBNC with six editions to its credit would like to be the launch of a long series of training events, necessary for such a growing field full of future promise and horizons in research and clinical progress in the management of the diseases involved.

We will be pleased to meet you in the future editions!



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