Oral communications winners

The Conference Chairs are delighted to announce the Oral Communication presenter winners who were selected from 45+ submitted works

SESSION 1 – Thursday 4 July

17.35 – 17.45

Treatments and New Drugs
ARINA-1 Demonstrates Improved Quality of Life in a Phase 2a, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study in Individuals with Non-CF Bronchiectasis (NCFBE) with Excess Mucus and Cough (RVN-301)George Solomon (USA)

17.35 – 17.45

Cluster analysis identifies distinct sputum inflammatory profiles in bronchiectasis: data from the EMBARC-BRIDGE studyEmma Johnson (UK)

17.45 – 17.55

The profile of blood methylation is associated with disease severity in bronchiectasis – Lidia Perea (Spain)

17.55 – 18.05

Radiological assessment of bronchial and arterial dimensions and mucus plug presence in 640 bronchiectasis patients: insights from the EMBARC registry – Yuxin Chen (The Netherlands)

SESSION 2 – Friday 5 July

08.30 – 08.40

Highly symptomatic patients have an increased risk of exacerbations and benefit from long-term macrolide treatment in BronchiectasisSibila Oriol (Spain)

08.40 – 08.50

Clinical characteristics, treatment, and outcomes of patients with M. avium complex pulmonary disease: results from the IRENE registry.Stefano Aliberti (Italy)

08.50 – 09.00

Disease PhenotypeIn Bronchiectasis (Ntm-And Ntm+) Is Associated With Lower Airway Dysbiosis And Neutrophil Extracellular TrapsShivani Singh(USA)

09.00 – 09.10

Mycobacterial drug tolerance assessments reveal clinical outcomesAlexander Jovanovic(Switzerland)

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