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University of Dundee ABOUT THE VENUE

The 7th World Bronchiectasis Conference will be held at the University of Dundee – Dalhousie Building (Old Hawkhill, Dundee DD1 5EN, UK)

This designated teaching facility accommodates up to 2500 in an interesting array of lecture theatres, IT suites and general teaching spaces. The seminar rooms are fully equipped with a full range of audio-visual presentation equipment.

With an impressive entrance and double height glazed foyer, the Dalhousie building offers unique exhibition and hospitality space, combining functionality with sharp state-of-the-art design.

This contemporary venue offers flexible high quality rooms for small meetings or an ideal space for both private and public sector conferences, and seminars throughout the year but particularly April – September.


Sustainability Sustainability

*“ The University’s commitment to sustainable development and effective environmental stewardship is integral to its social purpose and determination to making a difference, as stated in the University Strategy 2022-27.  As a “triple intensity” University, we are striving to contribute to a more sustainable future, locally and globally, through our education mission, impactful research and engagement and enterprise activities. 

Awareness and Governance

Concern for sustainability issues is a matter of both individual and collective responsibility within the University and must be explicitly acknowledged and accounted for at all levels of management and operation.  The University is committed to:

  • raising performance across three priority academic themes of “sustainability and net zero”, “population health and wealth” and “equity and inclusion”
  • using resources efficiently to minimise our impact on the environment
  • complying with all relevant legislation and regulations
  • raising awareness within the University community about sustainability issues and securing the well-being of staff and students
  • embedding sustainability into the design and operation of all our activities
  • engaging with the wider community to raise awareness of sustainability and contributing to ways of creating a more sustainable society, locally and globally.

Overall responsibility lies with the University Court as the governing body of the University, the University Executive Group, and the Carbon Board, which has been established to ensure progress towards a more sustainable future.”

*information provided by The University of Dundee, for more information about their sustainability plans, please click here.

Save the planet concept with people taking care of the earth

In collaboration with Climate Wise, we've launched a Sustainability Survey designed to gather important data regarding the environmental impact of our attendees